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On Platforms 1 - 3

The door to the disabled persons toilet is on platform 1, as you move (east) from the cafe, you pass a gap in the building. The door is beyond a box on the wall.

The door to the gents is also on platform 1, being the second door beyond the gap.

The door to the ladies toilets is on platform 3. As you move away (east) from the foot of the ramp from the bridge, you pass two gaps in the building before you find the door, beyond a box on the wall.

On Platforms 4 - 8

The toilets in this part of the station are towards the east end of the concourse, towards the exit to the car park and beginning of platform 6.

The last door, before the ramp to the car park, leads to the ladies, whilst the recess before this leads to the disabled persons toilet (straight ahead, north) and the gents to your right (east).

On Platforms 1 - 3

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