The TICKET Office

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This is a T-shaped space with the leg of the T (the main passage) running east/west and the cross (north/south) at the west end. The cross passage serves the lifts. There's a ticket sales window in front of you as you come in via the south entrance and another window on the south side of the main passage, opposite the shop, whilst steps near the east end lead north for platform 1, eastbound and south to platform 2, westbound.

This station is now gated. There's a bi-directional Wide Aisle Gate before each lift and a gate line across the beginning of the main passage.

You go in, up a slight slope, facing east. There's tactile matting inside each set of doors.


The Cross Passage

West Side, Going North

  wall with rail information
Wide Aisle Gate (bi-directional)
south entrance
north entrance
Wide Aisle Gate (bi-directional)
wall with pay phone

North End


East Side, Going South

  recess to lift to platform 1, eastbound, call button to right
Wide Aisle Gate (bi-directional
ticket machine
Wide Aisle Gate (bi-directional) across main passage
2 automatic entrances
2 automatic exits
ticket sales window, with variable height counter and induction loop
Wide Aisle Gate (bi-directional)
paper rack
recess to lift to platform 2, westbound, call button to right

South End

  blank door

The Main Passage

West End

  gate line, describe above

North Side, Going East

  tactile matting outside WH Smith, jutting out
blank door
plaque on wall, history of charing Cross Glasgow Station
blank door
steps down north towards platform 2, eastbound, divided by central rail

East End, Going South

  North Clyde Line information
area map
rail information

South Side, Going West

  steps down south towards platform 2, westbound, divided by central rail
unisex, accessible toilet, borrow key from staff
Station Supervisor's office
ticket sales window with fixed height counter and induction loop, tactile matting in front

In the Middle

There's a gap, with tiled flooring, between the tactile matting at the doors and that between WH Smith and the sales window. This tiled area leads between the two halves of the cross passage. The tiled floor resumes beyond WH Smith and the sales window, continuing to the far (east) end of the ticket office.

There are two departure screens (one for each platform) above this space.

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