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The station is on the east side of Elm Bank Gardens (north/south), lying north of Elm Bank Crescent (east/west), west of Elm Bank Street (north/south) and south of Bath Street (East/west).

Entrances and Exits

There is a single entrance/exit leading east, up a slight slope from Elm Bank Gardens, into the ticket office.

Local Road Crossings

Although we found no pedestrian controlled crossings within the scope of this survey, we are aware of several accessible crossings at crossroads along Bath Street. Note that traffic flows one way, west, that is from your right as you move away from the station.

Local Buses

Note that Bath Street is one way, with traffic flowing west, so we only report a bus stop on the south side. The eastbound buses are on Sauchiehall Street, which lies beyond the scope of this survey.

On the South Side of Bath Street

Bus Stop 6090176, serves:

Unfortunately, there was no indication of route destinations at the time of our survey.

Local Features

East Side of Elm Bank Gardens, Going North

bike racks
station entrance, two sets of double doors
up four steps, going north, ramp to left (west)
under arch with four supporting pillars along the middle of this space
hotel entrance
Bath Lane leads east, along north side of hotel building
green space
rear of building on Bath Street

West Side of Elm Bank Gardens, Going North

up steps
under arch, four steps on right, down east to hotel
Lunch Box, restaurant
Baby Grand, pub
green space
rear of building on Bath Street

From here you can move slightly left (west) then continue under another arch then down seven steps, going north, onto Bath Street.

Following Bath Lane east, you continue under a canopy with pillars. You can turn left, along an unnamed lane and continue (north) onto Bath Street or continue east to Elm Bank Street.

South side of Bath Street, Going East

  Elm Bank Gardens, up steps south
office building
Unnamed Lane, bollards across
2 phone boxes on left
King's Theatre on right
Bus Stop 6090176 on left
Elm Bank Street

North Side of Elm Bank Crescent, Going East

  Link cash machine, charging 1.99 per transaction at the time of our survey
vehicle entrance to car park
multi-storey car park
Elm Bank Street

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