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We believe this is a section of the original Constary Road, which has now been bypassed leaving a traffic-free path outside the station. This path extends north from a point a few metres north of the car park entrance, past the steps to each platform and the path towards the ramp to platform 1, before rejoining the road some distance north of the station.

The bridge crosses the tracks at the effective east end of each platform. Although there is stairs-only access from the bridge itself, there is ramp access to platform 1 via the path leading west and to platform 2, from the car park.

There's a hand rail to each side of the steps and tactile paving at the top and bottom. That from the bottom of the steps from platform 2, is a short distance from the foot of the steps, indicating the gap through onto the platform.

From Platform 1, Eastbound

Go up nine, slope, five, slope then 14 steps, going east onto the bridge. There's a hand rail to each side, plus tactile paving at the top and bottom of the steps.

From Platform 2, Westbound

Near the east end of the platform, move into the gap on your right then continue (east) up 15 steps going east, then turn left onto the bridge.

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