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The station is located a few metres west of the point where the tracks (east/west) go under Constary Road (north/south).

We understand that a section of the original road has been by-passed to the east by the current constary Road. this original section remains as a footpath which leaves Constary road a few metres south of the station, before becoming the foot bridge between the steps to each platform. The footpath continues some distance north of the station before rejoining Constary Road, which then veers northwest towards Croy village.

Entrances and Exits

There are five entrances/exits to this station:

From the car park, up steps to the ticket office, or platform 2

South of the ticket office, there's a raised paved area surrounded by car park on three sides. There's a railing along the south side and steps at each end. From the east, you go up six steps, going west. You pass a gap through to the platform before the wall of the ticket office. The door to the ticket office is on your right after a few metres.

From the west you go up five steps, going east. You pass a gap through to the platform before you reach the wall to the waiting room. Continue, beyond this to locate the door to the ticket office. The door is on your left, after a few metres.

There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps.

From the car park, via the ramp up to platform 2

The foot of the ramp is opposite the foot of the steps down west from outside the ticket office. Continue (west), passing billboards and railings on your right, turn left (south) then right (west), continue to the top of the slope. Turn right (180 degrees, east) and continue up the ramp then turn left (north) onto the platform.

From the bridge, via steps down to platform 2

You go down 15 steps, plus an additional small step to platform level. Continue beyond the end of the railings on your right before moving right onto the platform, the tactile paving beyond the foot of the steps indicates the start of the gap. You're behind the rear of the train.

From the bridge, via steps down to platform 1

You go down 14, five then nine steps, going west to platform level. The waiting room is in front of you, move to your left of this onto the platform. You're beside the front of the train.

From the footpath, via the ramp down to platform 1

The path leads west from a few metres north of the steps from the bridge onto platform 1. There are two routes, the first involves a gentle ramp down to the platform, whilst the second is a more direct but steeper ramp plus two steps down to platform level.

The Gentler Route

Follow the path and take the first turning left. Follow the path to your right (west) then left (180 degrees, east), then right (nearly 180 degrees, southwest), then left (south) onto the platform. there are metal rails to each side of this ramp. The left-hand rail continues before turning right along the middle of the platform, move to your right to go round this rail.

The Steeper Route

Follow the path (west) to the T-junction. The right-hand path leads to housing, whilst the left is a quicker route to the platform. Take the left turn, (south) down a steep slope with a low wall to each side, then two steps down to platform level. The foot of the other ramp is to your left. The left-hand rail from the ramp continues before turning right along the middle of the platform. Move to your right to go round the end of this rail.

Local Road Crossings

There are no pedestrian crossings of Constary Road within the scope of this survey. The pavement on the east side of constary road finishes opposite the station. We therefore suggest that you go to the bus stop on the west side before attempting to cross this road.

Local Buses

In the Main Car Park

There's a bus stop with shelter, a few metres west of the steps down west from the ticket office, serving:

On Constary Road

There's a bus stop on each side of Constary Road.

On the West Side

The stop is a few metres beyond (south of) the point where the south end of the path from the bridge joins Constary Road> This stop serves:

On the East Side

There is no formal crossing of Constary Road near the station and no pavement along the east side north of the tracks. We therefore suggest you cross Constary Road at the south junction with the path then turn left and locate the bus stop.

This bus stop serves:

Local Features

The Footpath, Going South from Constary Road

As you go south along the path, away from the road, there are posts in the verge to the west. You go down a slight slope before you pass a path leading west towards the ramp to platform 1.

Just south of the path leading west is a map of the area, Croy Station and onward travel information just before the steps down to platform 1. This confirms that there's no taxi rank near the station. The nearest bus stops are those we reported, at the south end of the footpath and in the car park, whilst the shops are five minutes away to the north, in Croy village.

Other features listed in the station map include: 153 spaces in car park, four for disabled persons; public toilet and pay phone; induction loop at ticket window. self service ticket machine; CCTV, help points. Departure screens and cycle lockers. Opposite the station map is a notice giving details of the Antonine Wall Trust.

As you pass the steps to platform 1, the slope steepens considerably before you pass the steps down to platform 2. The path continues for a few metres before joining constary Road. Note there are bollards across the path to either side of the station.

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