Platform 1, EASTBOUND

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This is a separate platform along the north side of the station. There is tactile paving along the edge and railings and distinct tactile flooring at the west end of the platform. The steps from the bridge mark the east end.

There's a waiting room just beyond the foot of the steps from the bridge, towards the front of the train, whilst the ramp access is towards the rear.

To Reach

From the Bridge

You go down 14, five then nine steps, going west to platform level. The waiting room is in front of you. Move to your left of this onto the platform.

Via the Ramp

The path leads west from a few metres north of the steps from the bridge onto platform 1. There are two routes, the first involves a gentle ramp down to the platform, whilst the second is a more direct but steeper ramp plus two steps down to platform level.

The Gentler Route

Follow the path and take the first turning left. Follow the path to your right (west) then left (180 degrees, east), then right (nearly 180 degrees, southwest), then left (south) onto the platform. there are metal rails to each side of this ramp. The left-hand rail continues before turning right along the middle of the platform, move to your right to go round the end of this rail.

The Steeper Route

Follow the path (west) to the T-junction. The right-hand path leads to housing, whilst the left is a quicker route to the platform. Take the left turn, (south) down a steep slope with a low wall to each side, then two steps down to platform level. The foot of the other ramp is to your left. The left-hand rail from the ramp continues before turning right along the middle of the platform. Move to your right to go round the end of this rail.

From the West

  railings and tactile at end
mesh fence, two posts outside
4 posts inside fence
exit to ramp
rail juts south then west from east side of this exit
mesh fence continues
2 x 4 seats
sand bin
waiting room

West Wall

  help point, assistance on left, train information on right

South Side

paper rack

The waiting room has seating rails round the three sides.

Continuing East

  smart card validater, not in service until October 2009
foot of steps to bridge

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