The TICKET Office

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This is a rectangular space with the main entrance on the west side, the door to platform 2 on the east, the sales window on the south side and the waiting room to the north.

From the pavement, you can go up a single step going east, or use the ramp (up north) then turn right (east). You go in through automatic doors facing east.

From platform 2, you go in through automatic doors facing west.


The Ticket Office

South Side

  sales window with induction loop

West Side

  automatic entrance/exit doors

North Side, Going East

  push button for waiting room doors
doors to waiting room

East Side

  automatic doors to platform 2, northbound

The Waiting Room

West Side

  seating, windows behind

North Side

  billboards, departure screen above

East Side

  seating, windows behind

South Side, Going West

  doors to ticket office
rail with push button for doors

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