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You go in through automatic doors facing southwest. This is effectively an L-shaped space with the passage towards platform 2, eastbound leading northwest and the bridge to platform 1, westbound leading southwest. The booking office, to your left as you come in, takes a rectangle out of the corner of this space.


Northeast Leg

Northeast Side, Going Northwest

2 round pillars in front of glass brick wall
tactile paving indicates steps down towards platform 2

Northwest End

  steps down to platform 2

Southwest Side, Going Southeast

lift to platform 2, button to right (northwest) of door
blank door
railing overlooking platform, 2 pillars in front
bridge to platform 1, westbound

Southeast Leg, Bridge to Platform 1, Westbound

Southeast Side, Going Southwest

  booking office, window with variable height counter and induction loop
wall retreats, blank on northeast side
billboards, departure screen above
fire exit

Northwest Side, Going Southwest

  wall with windows above
steps down to platform 1

Southwest End

lift to platform 1, westbound, call button to right of door

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