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The station lies a few metres west of the point where Duntocher Road (north/south) crosses the tracks. The station approach road runs west to a turning circle between platforms 2 and 3, whilst Station Square lies along the south side of the station.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances/exits to this station:

The Ramp from the Turning Circle to Platform 2, Eastbound

From between the British Transport Police building and the temporary building for staff, you go up a short ramp, leading south onto the platform. Turn right for the ticket office and bridge.

The Ramp from the Turning Circle to Platform 3, Westbound

You go down a short ramp leading north, turn left (west), there's a rail to your right, continue to the bottom of the slope, the end of the rail, then turn right onto the platform.

From Station Square to Platform 1, Westbound

From the north side of Station Square, you can go up the ramp or steps to platform 1.

Via the Ramp

You go up the first slope, going east, turn left (180 degrees, west) then go up the second slope to platform level. The steps to the bridge are in front of you. Move right of these and continue, under the bridge, for the lift.

Via the Steps

You go up nine steps, going north, onto platform 1. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps, which have a hand rail to each side. As you reach the top of the steps, the steps to the bridge are to your left.

Local Road Crossings

Duntocher Road

There's a crossing just south of the bridge over tracks 1 and 2. This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving. The post with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross in either direction.

Local Buses

There are bus stops in Duntocher Road, just south of the station.

On the West Side of Duntocher Road

Bus Stop 6080134, with shelter, the post is against the wall rather than being at the kerb side. This serves:

On the East Side of Duntocher Road

Bus Stop 6080133, with shelter, serves:

Local Features

Duntocher Road

This is a major road running north/south, crossing the tracks via two bridges - tracks 1 and 2, south and tracks 3 - 5, north. The approach road leads west between these two bridges.

East Side of Duntocher Road, Going South from the Crossing

  cross Singer Road, with no pedestrian controlled crossing
continue, down the hill
cross an entry
bus stop 6080133

West Side of Duntocher Road, Going South

  bridge over tracks 3 - 5
station approach road
bridge over tracks 1 and 2
tactile paving indicates crossing
gap leading to steps down towards platform 1
down hill
bus stop 6080134

The Approach Road

This leads west from Duntocher Road, down the slope, to a turning circle between platforms 2 and 3. There's pavement, with mesh fencing, to each side as you go down the slope, which some users may find a bit steep.

The ramp entrance to platform 3 leads north from the turning circle.

There's a disabled person's parking bay on the north side, just beyond the turning circle. Other parking spaces are available on the north side of the approach road.

The building on the south pavement, east of the turning circle is for staff use only. The entrance to platform 2 is just east of this, between the staff building and the British Transport Police office.

The Steps Towards Platform 1

These steps are divided by a central rail and there's a hand rail to each side. You go down 11 then 15 steps, going west to The Crescent.

This is a residential street with the fence beside platform 1 along the right-hand (north) side. This road leads west, past residential buildings to the south, onto the north side of Station Square.

The path veers left (south), round the rear of the ramp, then right again (west). Turn right (180 degrees, east) round the end of the wall, for the ramp to platform 1.

The foot of the steps is just beyond the beginning of the ramp.

There's a kiosk a few metres west of the foot of these steps. You can follow the west side of Station Square south onto Dumbarton Road.

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