Platforms 2 - 3

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This is an island platform, on two levels, with platform 2, eastbound lying south and slightly above platform 3, westbound. Each of these are through platforms. The ticket office is in a temporary building, about in the middle of platform 2.

To Reach

There is ramp access to each platform from the turning circle at the west end of the approach road. See the Environs page for details. There is also lift or stairs access from other platforms via the bridge.

There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

Platform 2, From the West

There are five buildings on this platform. the first is for staff only, whilst the second is the lift. The third, beyond the bridge, includes the ticket office, the fourth is for staff only, whilst the fifth includes the Station Supervisor's office.

The three buildings east of the bridge are Portakabins, which were erected as temporary buildings some years ago. The main entrance is between the ticket office and the fourth building, whilst a secondary (normally closed) entrance is between the fourth and fifth buildings.

  gate at end
gap to platform 3
gravel area between platforms
stanchion, in middle of gravel
lamp post, in middle of gravel
gravel ends
post, CCTV, in middle
platform narrows beside first building
building, not for public use
gap, three steps down north to platform 3
clock, above
lamp post, CCTV
narrow platform beside lift building
lift door on east side, call button north of door
foot of steps to bridge, north of lift
stanchion in middle of island platform
gap leading north down three steps to platform 3
sign for lift, in middle of island platform
third building, building, staff-only steps up at beginning
4 seats in middle
4 seats in middle, departure screen above
steps up north to ticket office
rail round ramp
ramp to ticket office building leading south then west
rail on north side of platform with bike lockers behind
platform narrows before turning circle of approach road
shelter, in middle, with seating rail on north side
help point
post, CCTV, in middle, bike racks to left
lamp post, CCTV, in middle
entrance from approach road, lamp post, CCTV, in entrance gap
start of fourth building, 2 boxes on west end
steps up east, staff only
wall retreats
three steps up west to blank door
wall juts out
metal stairs, staff only
lamp post
stanchion in middle
building ends
gap leading north up two steps to approach road (normally closed)
fifth building starts
wall retreats, four steps up west to Station Supervisor's office
building ends
stanchion,in middle
drivers' monitor, off platform
lamp post, off platform, Dalmuir, 6 car stop
rough ground slopes up north to approach road
signal post
slope off end

Platform 3, from the West

  gate at end
gap from platform 2
gravel area to right
boxes, in gravel
signal post
lamp post
driver's monitor, 3 and 6 car stop
pillar for bridge
post, CCTV, in middle
gravel ends
three steps up south towards platform 2, rail each side
pillar for bridge
lamp post, CCTV, in middle
three steps up south to platform 2, beside steps to bridge
rail with timetables between platform 3 and ticket office
4 seats
lamp post, CCTV
platform slopes down to north
4 seats
entrance/exit to approach road, Rail juts west, go east then south up slight ramp
Post, CCTV
low wall continues on south side
platform narrows
wall retreats, rough ground now on right
lamp post, off platform
lamp post, Dalmuir, off platform
platform ends, grass continues east

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