Platforms 4 - 5

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This is an island platform with the terminus platform 5 lying north of the through platform 4, which serves eastbound trains. There's tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

To Reach

These platforms can be reached via lift or stairs from the bridge.

From the West

All features are along the middle of the island platform unless stated otherwise.

  slope off end
signal post
platform about 5 metres wide, widening to the east
lamp post
post, CCTV in middle of platform 5
water point, in middle of platform 5
lamp post
lamp post, CCTV
4 seats facing platform 4
water point, in middle of platform 5
canopy starts, pillar before steps
steps up east to bridge, note you can walk under these
lamp post, beside steps, platform 4
box under steps, not for public use
post, CCTV
pillar for bridge
lift building, blank door on platform 4
lift door in east side, call button north of door
clock above
help point, on platform 4
shelter, entrance on platform 4, seating rail on north side
departure screen, on each platform on separate posts
lamp post
2 x 4 seats facing platform 4
platform narrows
lamp post, platforms 4 and 5
water point, on platform 5
lamp post
driver's monitor, platform 5
post, 6 car stop, platform 4
slope off end

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