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As all platforms appear to be bi-directional, we can't predict on which side of the train the doors will open as you arrive. We can say, however, that the exit, (stairs or lift) is about in the middle of each platform, the stair wells are surrounded by railings with the stairs going down towards the front of westbound trains. There are two flights of stairs between each platform and the passage. We also found the automatic announcements particularly helpful, giving ample time to reach the platform you need.

Having reach the foot of these stairs, note that platforms are numbered from left to right as follows:
1 - separate platform
2 - 3 - island platform
4 - 5 - Island platform

If you turn right to find a steeper slope down followed by a step up, you've overshot the platforms and reached the way to the Didcot Rail Centre. If you want to go here, go up the step, turn right, up two flights of stairs and turn left at the top. The details of this lie beyond the scope of our survey.

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