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The station is located to the north of Station Road which runs approximately east/west past the station.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances into the concourse, which we will call East, South and West

You exit the east entrance facing east onto the pavement with a parade of shops to your left.

Local buses

There are four bus stops on the outer edge of the pavement outside the east entrance. At the time of our survey, these were signed, from west to east, as follows:

The first - 35a to Oxford city
the second - 32A and B to Oxford via Milton Park or Abingdon
the third - 32A and B to Wantage via Harwell; 33 to Didcot
the fourth - 130, 134 and 140 to Didcot.

Taxi Rank

You exit the south entrance facing south onto a lay bye which serves as a taxi rank. There is an island between this and Station Road. The lay bye continues to your left (east) from here, as a service road for the shops, whilst to your right (west) is a disabled persons parking area.

Road Crossings

Station Road can be safely crossed via a Pelican crossing from the pavement a few metres to your right (west) of the entrance to the taxi rank

Disabled Persons Car Parking

You exit the west entrance facing west towards the disabled personsparking area.

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