Platforms 2 - 3

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To Reach the Platforms

Go up 13 then 13 steps going east; platform 2 is on your right, south.

Platform 2, From the West

Open platform from the west end, with "Oranje Zone" sign, to covered area. A gutter slopes down towards the first building, wooden

continuing East, Beyond the First building

  gap to platform 3
brick building, changes to wooden
bench, beside building
gap to platform 3
gap to platform 3

Just before the stair well is a pillar with 2 card and coin phones

stair well with railings round, steps go down to west
bench, beside railings


A low metal barrier runs along the platform for about 8 feet, beware!

Building with entrance to customer help desk in west wall, desk on left.

Continuing East, beside the Building Beyond the Stair Well

entrance to waiting room
entrance to cafe, servery on north side of room
departure information board
entrance to toilets

End of buildding, open platform extends east about 40 metres with lamp posts along the middle.

The Passage to Toilets

The passage leads into a corridor, through to platform 3 with

Right (east) Side

  door to ladies and gents

Inside this door, gents straight ahead (east) ladies right (south).

West Side of Corridor

  corridor to café and waiting room
disabled persons toilet and baby changing area

Platform 3, from the West

Platform 3 is shorter than platform 2, starting a few metres west of the covered area.

wooden building
gap to platform 2
brick building, changes to wood
2 benches, beside building
gap to platform 2
trolley park
stair well
bench, beside railings
gap to platform 2, before main building
entrance to waiting room
cafe entrance is for staff only
door to toilets

Beyond the building, the platform continues as per platform 2

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