Platforms 4 - 5

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To Reach the Platforms

Go up 12 then 12 steps, going east. Platform 4 is to your right.

Platform 4 starts a few metres west of the covered area.

Platform 4,From the West

  open areea

Platforms 4 and 5

A covered area, with two rows of pillars, is shared by both platforms.

The Covered Area

  wooden building, containing lift
stair well with railings around, stairs down to west
bench beside railings
gap to platform 5
digital clock just east of the top of the stairs

In the middle of the open area, east of the stair well is a pillar with train times on four sides

  waiting room, entrance in west wall
2 benches
2 vending machines on east wall of waiting room building
Covered area continues with two rows of pillars

Beyond the Covered Area

The rest of the island platform is open, with a security camera post in the middle of the platform, beware. Platform continues about 40 metres with lamp posts along the middle.

>Platform 5, From the West

Open area with lamp posts along the middle, to covered area of platform 4.

The Covered Area

trolley park
stair well
2 benches, beside railings
gap to platform 4
waiting room building
2 benches, beside waiting room wall

The Open Area

The open area continues as per platform 4, no security camwa on this side.

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