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Although there is step-free access between platforms, some users may find the ramps to the subway a bit steep.

The doors will open as follows, as you face the front of the train:

There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform. Note, however, that the other side of the island platform 1 has no tactile paving, leaving a drop onto a disused track bed.

Which Route?

  From Platform 1, Eastbound
From Platforms 2 - 3, Westbound

From Platform 1, Eastbound

As you go from the front of the train, you pass a metal building, then two ordinary buildings to your right before you reach the gap to the subway. there's a help point on your right as you reach the end of the third building.

Turn right, find the door to the ticket office on your right then turn left and continue, down the ramp, into the subway.

Turn left then take the turning left for the ramp to platforms 2 - 3.

Go up the ramp, platform 2 is to your left whilst platform 3 is to your right. We believe you're beside the front half of the train.


From Platforms 2 - 3, Westbound

As you go from the rear of the train, you may pass the metal building before you pass the two ordinary buildings before the gap to the subway. there's a help point on platform 2 as you reach the end of this third building.

From platform 2, turn left beyond the end of the third building, then turn right for the ramp. Otherwise, from platform 3, turn right beyond the end of the third building then left for the ramp. Go down the ramp into the subway.

Turn right then take the turning right for the ramp to platform 1.

Go up the ramp. At the top, the push door into the ticket office is in front of you. Turn right for the platform, we believe you're near the rear of the train.

Note that, if you turn left at the top of the ramp, you're facing a disused track bed, there is no tactile paving before the edge of this unused section of the platform.

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