Platform 1, EASTBOUND

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This is an island platform along the north side of the station with platform 1 along the south side of the island. This platform serves eastbound trains towards Glasgow Queen Street, Airdrie and Springburn. From December 2010, trains will continue beyond Airdrie to Edinburgh Waverley.

There is tactile paving along the edge of platform 1. Note that the north side of the platform is beside an unused track bed to which there is an unguarded drop with no tactile paving. Be careful if you go north of the central building! There are, however, bike lockers on this unused platform a few metres west of the top of the ramp.

To Reach

From the subway, you go up a steep ramp, going east, onto the middle of the island platform, west of the ticket office building. the door to the ticket office is in front of you, whilst platform 1 is to your right (south). There's a hand rail to each side of this ramp.

From the East

  slope off end
open platform
large lamp post in middle
metal building, canopy starts
end of metal building, blank door in west end
gap, pillar in middle of island platform
driver's monitor
second building starts, blank door in east end
blank door
unisex, accessible toilet, push button on short post, west of door
3 seats
blank door
end of second building
gap with gate across
third building starts
departure screen
blank door
rail information
blank door
3 seats
push door, entrance to ticket office
pay phone
help point
end of building

West End of Ticket Office Building, Going South

  ticket machine
door to ticket office
2 paper racks
help point on platform

Continuing West, Beyond the Ticket Office

  pillar, in middle of island platform
ramp down west from middle
railings start beside ramp
3 seats
sign, Dumbarton Central
pillar, CCTV
end of rail round ramp
end of canopy
large lamp post, CCTV in middle of platform 1, another in middle of unused section

Features are now along the middle of the island platform.

  sign, Dumbarton Central
large lamp post
platform narrows
slope off end

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