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The station is located to the north of the point where St Mary's Street (northeast/southwest) crosses the track.

Immediately southwest of this rail bridge is a junction from which Station Road runs north, along the west side of the station, whilst Academy Street continues southwest towards the town centre. Loreburn Street leaves the junction, going northwest past the station leaving a triangular forecourt outside the main entrance, Lovers Walk runs west from the station to complete this triangle. We'll call this the main forecourt. This forecourt contains some short stay parking, the taxi rank and bus stop.

A roundabout junction, northeast of the rail bridge includes Huntingdon Street, which runs north along the east side of the station. Lockerbie Road continues east whilst Cornwall Mount leads south from this junction. Huntingdon Street leads to a small car park outside the building on platform 2. We'll call this area the east forecourt.

Entrances and Exits

There are two groups of step-free entrances/exits to this station, one group onto each platform.

Onto Platform 1, Northbound

The main entrance is via either of two push doors leading east from the main forecourt into the ticket office. The door to platform 1, northbound is on the opposite side of this space. Note that you can go directly onto platform 1 via a path to the south of the building and via the car park beside the platform.

Note that the two doors to the ticket office plus the door onto the platform are to be upgraded to push button automatic.

Onto Platform 2, Southbound

The entrance from the east forecourt leads west into a short passage along the south side of the waiting room. The door to platform 2 is at the far end of this passage. Alternatively, you can go directly onto platform 2 via a path to either side of this building.

Local Road Crossings

Loreburn Street, Leading Southwest Towards the Town Centre

This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving. The posts with push button and rotating cone are northwest of the crossing, that is to your right as you cross away from the station or to your left as you cross towards it.

St Mary's Street, Leading Southeast

This crossing is at the southwest end of the road bridge. This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving. The post, with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross in either direction.

Local Buses

On the Island Outside the Main Entrance

Phone Southwest of Scotland Transport Partnership 0871 2002233. The bus stop serves:

On the Southwest side of Loreburn Street

There's a bus stop on the southwest side of Loreburn Street, just northwest of the road bridge. We found no information about services during our survey.

Local Features

The Main Forecourt

East Side of Station Road, Going North

  fence with trees behind, hotel car park to left
down slope
open gate onto platform 1
station building starts
blank door
St Marys House, local authority building
sign post
windows of waiting room
2 separate doors into ticket office
taxi queue to left
blank door

Lovers Walk, North Side, Going West

  door leading north towards platform 1
wall with windows
entrance to car park, no kerbs
car park to right
Caledonian Cycle Way
Loreburn Street

There's an island in the forecourt opposite the station entrance with a bus stop, see above.

Loreburn Street, from the Northwest

  Newall Terrace, leading south from the southwest side
gap, Loreburn Park
pavement with low wall outside houses
Lovers Walk, entrance to main forecourt and hotel car park
Best Western Hotel
Station Road, exit from main forecourt and hotel car park
tactile paving indicates crossing to right, towards town centre
St Mary's Street, leads left (northeast) across tracks

Northwest Side of St Mary's Street, Going Northeast

  tactile paving indicates crossing of St Mary's Street
wall of bridge
Huntingdon Street leading north to east forecourt

Huntingdon Street, West Side, Going North from the Road Bridge

gate to platform 2
building starts
blank wall
blank door
blank wall
station entrance
windows of waiting room
car rental
path to platform 2
north end of forecourt

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