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The doors will open on your left as you face the front of the train. There is no tactile paving along the edge of either platform.

There is a car park beside each platform, though the taxi rank and bus stop are outside the main entrance which is beside platform 1. See the environs page for details.

There are step-free exits from either platform and stairs access between the platforms via the footbridge, see the Change Platforms page for details.

From Which Platform?

  From Platform 1, Northbound
From Platform 2, Southbound

From Platform 1, Northbound

As you move from the rear of the train, you pass a wooden building then the normally open gate to Station Road. The main building, including the ticket office is beyond this, followed by the car park.

Via the Gate

Turn away from the tracks and continue, beyond the building on your right, into Station Road. The taxi rank is to your right, opposite the main entrance and the bus stop is on the island, also opposite the main entrance.


Via the Ticket Office

As you move towards the front of the train, you go past three doors before you reach the left turning towards the ticket office. If you find a bench seat against the wall, you've overshot.

Go along this short passage then through a door into the ticket office. From here, you bear slightly right to go through either of two doors onto Station Road. The taxi rank is in front of you and the bus stop is on the island opposite this.


Via the Car Park

Continue, beyond the station building. The bike and car parking area is now to your left, separated from the platform by a row of bollards. Note that the stairs to the footbridge are about half way along this space. From the car park, you could turn left, then left again to reach Lovers Walk. See the Environs page for details.


From Platform 2, Southbound

As you go from the rear of the train, you pass the stairs to the footbridge, then the first path to Huntingdon Street, just before the building. The door to the waiting room is the first door on your left. The second path is immediately beyond the building.

If you leave via the waiting room, you go through the push door, then along a short passage and go through a pull door onto Huntingdon Street. See the environs page for details.

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