Platform 1, Northbound

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This is a separate platform along the west side of the station. The main building is about in the middle, whilst the footbridge is towards the north end. A bike and car parking area extends north from the building, separated from the platform by a row of bollards.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

You leave the ticket office via a currently push door, going east. Alternatively, there's an entrance/exit south of the building and another through the car park to the north. We understand that the door from the ticket office is to be replaced by a push button automatic system.

Leaving the ticket office, you go through a short passage with:

South Side, Going East

  ladies toilets and baby change

North Side


From the South

The platform is about six metres wide with a row of posts along the middle and a low wall between the platform and bushes.

  slope off end under road bridge
steps up west to path around small garden
large post on left
post, RNIB REACT beacon
post, CCTV
steps up west to path around garden
wooden building on left with blank door, not for public use, two posts in platform
entrance/exit from forecourt
station building starts with RNIB REACT beacon on south side
blank door
wall juts out, canopy starts, post on right
accessible toilet, RNIB REACT beacon above
Station Supervisor's office, bench between two pillars to right
post, Dumfries sign
bench between two pillars to right
map of Dumfries
wall juts out
help point
entrance/exit to ticket office
bench on left
departure screen above
post on right
bench on left, windows above
blank door
2 planters by wall
post on right
wooden kiosk, displaying art for sale
wall retreats, blank door on south side
drinking fountain
post box
bench in middle
blank door
post on right
phone, not for public use
blank door
post on right
gents toilets
bench on right
wall retreats across end of building

South side, Going West

  wall with billboards
door from forecourt

Continuing North from the Station Building

We're in a wide space with a high, blank wall on the left with car parking and bike racks. A row of bollards separates this area from the platform itself.

  post on right, RNIB REACT beacon
post on right
steps up north to bridge

There are four pillars underneath the steps, you can walk underneath them. The east side of the steps is in line with the pillars along the platform.

Continuing North from the Bridge

  narrower platform beside steps
7 pillars
pillar, RNIB REACT beacon
end of canopy
bollards continue on left
end of car park
large lamp post in middle
slope off end

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