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The station is on the south side of a forecourt which is at the south end of Station Road, which leads south for about 150 metres from Queens Road (east) and Countess Abbey road (west). Queens Road runs west from High Street (north/south). The traffic on High Street is one way (south) whilst that on Queens and Countess Abbey roads is also one way (west).

Entrances and Exits

There are two level entrances/exits to this station:

Local Road Crossings

We found no pedestrian controlled crossings within the scope of this survey. At the time of our survey, Station Road seemed to be a quiet road serving the taxi rank and nearby parking for the station. High Street, Queens Road and Countess Abbey Road seemed to be part of a major giratory system around the town centre.

Local Buses

We found one bus stop on the south side of Queens Road. We understand this serves buses to North Berwick and Edinburgh, plus an Asda bus service.

We understand there's a bus stop on the east side of High Street, though this was not in sight and we therefore presume lies beyond the scope of this survey.

Local Features

The Forecourt

The forecourt includes a taxi turning circle, with the entrance to the car park leading east from a point north of this. At the time of our survey, the middle of the turning circle was occupied by Network Rail vans.

South Side, Going East

  steps to blank door
path to platform
station building starts
recess to entrance to ticket office
wall juts out
wall retreats
blank door
bushes on left
up slope
car park on left, bike park on right
blank door
car park pay machine
car park continues east with fence between it and track.

West Side, Going North

  blank door
low wall with bushes behind

East Side, Going North

  pavement starts north move right (east)
curving north again
up slight slope
information display in middle, area of bushes to right
entrance/exit from car park
gated entrance to cafe car park
Coast Cafe

East Side of Station Road, Going North

area map
Dunbar Bowling Club
car park payment machine
Queens road

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