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As you face the front of the train, the doors will open on your right for northbound, or left for southbound trains.

The two exits are towards the rear of northbound, or front of southbound trains.

There is tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

We saw indicators for coaches J and K before the exit, higher letter coaches may be beyond the path or the door to the ticket office. See the Detailed Description of the Platform for details.

Get off the train and turn right. You should pass a building on your left before you reach the path to the forecourt. You can turn left here and continue to the forecourt. The taxi rank is a few metres to your right, outside the entrance to the ticket office.

If you continue beyond this, the next door is the automatic entrance to the ticket office. Go in here, pass the sales windows on your left and continue through the automatic door in front of you, onto the forecourt.

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