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This is the only remaining platform in the station, called platform 1.

As you move from the west end, the platform curves to your right, towards the south, as the track rejoins the main line.

The entrance/exit via the ticket office and the path are near the east end of the platform.

From the East

  slope off end
high wall
Welcome to Dunbar sign, jutting out
blank door
3 seats
blank door
3 seats
blank door
3 seats
entrance from ticket office
3 seats, window above
trolley point
entrance from forecourt, help phone on west side
wall resumes, slightly lower
building starts
coach J and K indicator
departure screen
sign comemorating 150th anniversary of the Edinburgh - Berwick railway
departure screen
blank door
building ends, low wall continues
wall finishes, platform widens
bushes behind low wall
platform gradually narrows
post, Dunbar and coach G and H indicator
3 seats
post, coach F indicator
3 seats
post, VT 4/5 car stop, coach E indicator
3 seats
bollard in middle, waiting room to right
east door was locked at the time of our survey.

The waiting room has window walls and seats along the north side. The west door was a heavy pull at the time of our survey.

Continuing West

  bollard outside west door
post, Dunbar, coach D indicator
platform widens around wishing well
wall resumes then ends after a few metres
post, coach C indicator
mesh fence continues
Welcome to Dunbar sign in middle
post, Coach B indicator
platform narrows considerably
post, outside the fence, coach A indicator
post, Dunbar, VT 8/10 car stop
slope off end

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