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The station lies northwest of the junction between Stirling Road (southeast) and Station Road (southwest). There's a car park (seven spaces) off the northeast end of Station Road.

A large, supermarket car park is northwest of the station, Springfield Terrace (northeast/southwest) lies beyond this car park.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances/exits to this station:

The Main Entrance

There's a gap between the station building and the steps to the west bridge opposite the southwest side of Stirling Road. You can walk across the pavement, onto platform 1, southbound. Turn right for the ticket office. There's another gap, beyond (southwest of) these steps, leading to the lift, on your right.

Alternatively, as you reach the pavement, you can turn left for the west bridge, which provides lift and stairs access to platform 2 - 3.

Through the Ticket Office

There is level access from the pavement, there's a push button to your left of the door, you go in facing northwest. continue (northwest) through the pull door, onto platform 1.

Note that, at the time of writing, this ticket office was only open Monday-Saturday 06:40-13:32.

From the Supermarket Car Park

As you go southwest from the bus stop on Springfield Terrace, you reach the car park entrance (no tactile paving). Turn left (southeast) onto the left-hand (northeast) side of the entrance road, cross the entrance to a parking area, on reaching the far pavement, turn right (southwest) between two areas of car parking. Take the turning left (southeast), cross the access road to another car park, up a low kerb, then turn right (southwest). Continue, to the foot of the steps to the west bridge. The lift is beyond the steps.

Local Road Crossings

We found no pedestrian controlled crossings during our survey, but Station and Stirling roads seemed to be relatively quiet at the time of our survey.

Local Buses

On the Southeast Side of Station Road

Stop no. 66005800023 Dunblane Stirling Road Opposite Railway Station. At the time of our survey, this served:

On the Southeast Side of Springfield Terrace

Stop no. 66005800021 Dunblane Springfield Terrace at Tesco. We could not find any meaningful information about services at the time of our survey.

Local Features

Northwest side of Station Road, Going Southwest

  station building, wall with rail information
car park with two disabled persons bay on left
wall retreats to ticket office door
main entrance
taxi rank on left
bike shelter on right
steps up southwest to west bridge, occupy pavement
lift to platform 1, turn right and find the lift on your right

Outside the Car Park Entrance

There's a small station car park adjacent to that for the supermarket. There are two disabled persons parking bays off the pavement beside the steps to the west bridge.

Southeast Side of Car Park, Going Southwest

  retaining wall between rail and supermarket car parks
foot of steps to west bridge
rail beside steps
box, control for lift
lift, door on southwest side, call button to right
pavement veers right then left again
bike shelter then lockers
pavement continues beyond the scope of this survey

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