Platforms 2 - 3

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This is an island platform running northeast/southwest with platform 2, serving northbound trains towards Perth lying southeast of platform 3, which we believe is a terminus platform. Note that these platforms aren't completely aligned, platform 3 ends beyond the southwest end of platform 2 and finishes before the northeast end of this platform.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of either platform.

To Reach

There is only stairs access to this platform via the east bridge, but lift and stairs access via the west bridge.

From the Southwest

  slope off end
platform gradually widens from about 2 to 8 metres
staff phone
lamp post
gravel strip along middle
lamp post
post, CCTV, platform 3
lamp post
gravel ends, lift 2, call button right of door
lamp post
barrier round steps to bridge
steps to
west bridge, going up southwest.
gravel at rear of steps to east bridge
bench, platform 2
steps to east bridge, up southwest
lamp post shelter, seating rails inside, entrance from platform 2
bench, platform 2
help point
departures screen above
lamp post
lamp post
platform narrows
end of platform 3, slope off end
bench, facing southwest
platform now about 2.5 metres wide
gravel at effective end

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