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You arrive on what is effectively an island platform with platform 1, southbound along the east side and platform 4, northbound along the west. Terminating trains will probably come into either of the bay platforms 2 - 3.

The doors will open on your right as you face the front of the train, unless you arrive on platform 3, in which case, they'll open on your left.

There's tactile paving along the edge of the platforms, except for the section outside the canopy.

From Which Platform?

  From Platform 1, Southbound
From Platforms 2 - 3 Terminus
From Platform 4, Northbound

From Platform 1, Southbound

Go to the rear of the train, turn left into the concourse, cross to the other side then turn right towards the gates. Go through the gates.

From Platforms 2 - 3 Terminus

Go beyond the front of the train, to the building in front of you then turn left then right onto platform 4. Continue, past the two passages on your right, then go through the third, automatic door on your right into the concourse and turn left towards the gate line. Go through the gates.

From Platform 4, Northbound

Go towards the front of the train, turn right through the automatic door into the concourse then turn left towards the gate line.

There's a manual gate at the left-hand end of the gate line and the automatic exits are to your right of this. Go Through the gates.

From here, you can either go up the stairs in front of you, or use the lift to reach street level.

Via the Stairs

Go up two flights of steps into the upper concourse. Turn lef then right for the main entrance towards the taxi rannk, or right then left for the side entrance onto Riverside Drive.


Via the Lift

Move to the right-hand side of the concourse and follow the passage wich leads away from the gate line. You pass some disused left luggage lockers and two blank doors before you reach the lift, on your left. Go up to level 1, street level.

Turn sharp left for the side exit onto Riverside Drive. for the main entrance and taxis, continue forward to the other end of the concourse then turn right.

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