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This serves the platform and street levels, designated "P" and "1". We presume that level 2 is not for public use.

Outside the Lift

At Street Level

The lift is just inside the side entrance, turn sharp right as you come in. The call button, down only, is to your right of the door. You enter facing east.

At Platform Level

The door is on the left-hand side of the passage leading away from the concourse. The call button, up only, is to your left of the door. You enter facing west.

Inside the Lift

There are clear, spoken announcements. At each level, you leave via the other set of doors to that through which you came in.

The controls are on your left (at street level) or right (at platform level). There is a square of four buttons:

Note that we believe the level 2 button is not for public use.

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DUNDEE Station

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