The Upper Concourse

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This is effectively a passage running east/west between the two entrances. The west entrance is the main entrance to the station, with the travel centre to your right (west) as you come in. The steps to the lower concourse and platforms are on the opposite (south) side of the passage, nearer the side (east) entrance, whilst the lift is at the east end, just to your right as you come in via the side (east) entrance.


South Side, Going West

  journey planner
ticket machine
top of steps to/from lower concourse
photo booth
card printing machine
blank door
Link cash machine

West End

  travel centre

North Side, Going East

  main entrance
Customer free phone to various services
blank door in recess
wall juts south with blank door on east side
WH Smith
wall juts south

East side

  lift, call button to right, down only

Continuing North Side

  side exit

East End


The Travel Centre

You enter facing west.

South Side

  blank door

West Side, Going North

  2 same day bookings windows
4 advance bookings windows

There's a queuing system in front of the advance bookings windows, you queue from the right (north) then turn back (north).

North Side, Going East

  blank door
seats and windows

East Side, Going South

  information and timetables

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