Platform 2, Northbound

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This is a separate platform along the north side of the station. There is tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

The ticket office is about in the middle of the platform, whilst the ramp to the subway is towards the east end.

To Reach

There is step-free access from the ticket office or from platform 2 and the south forecourt via the subway.

From the West

  waste ground off west end
unmade surface for about 30 metres, platform slopes away from the trakcs
wild area to metal railings
2 posts
concrete surface starts with tactile paving on right, gravel to left
post, CCTV
post, Dunfermline Town
gravel ends, wall of bridge over cycle way
3 planters
bike racks
wall finishes
metal gates, closed at the time of our survey
building starts

West End

  blank wall

Continuing East, Beside the Building

There's a row of pillars along the middle of the platform, supporting the canopy.

  accessible toilet
rail juts out
ramp to ticket office
rail juts out with push button for door
rail juts out
steep ramp to blank door, departure screen above
rail juts out
train information
train information
double blank door
train information
blank door, clock above
platform 2 indicator
blank door
train information
blank door
help point
building and canopy end

North Wall, Going West

  blank door
bike lockers

Continuing East Beyond the Building

  path leads north to car park (west) subway (east)
railings beside ramp
gravel area before metal railings to left
post, CCTV
post, Dunfermline Town, 3 and 4 car stop
gravel widens behind well to subway
slope off end

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