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The station is located at the west end of Station Road, which leads west from Victoria Street (north/south). A sign said "Station" at the turning. The station is bounded to the west by the perimeter fence of Dyce (Aberdeen) Airport. A path leads south from the northbound, platform 1, to join Farburn Terrace which continues south before turning east, under the tracks, to join Victoria Street about 500 metres south of the station.

Entrances and Exits

The station has a step-free entrance/exit onto each platform.

The west entrance, onto the northbound, platform 1, is via the path mentioned above, whilst there are several entrances from the car park onto the southbound, platform 2.

Local Road Crossings

There's a crossing of Victoria Street, a few metres north of the Junction of Farburn Terrace (west) and Victoria Street (north/south).

This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving and sounder. The posts, with push button but no rotating cone are north of the crossing, that is to your left as you cross to the east, or right as you cross to the west.

Local Buses

On the West Side of Victoria Street

There's a bus stop to your right as you reach Victoria Street from Station Road, serving buses to Old Meldrum, Banff, Turreff, and Elgin.

In the Station Car Park

The Airport bus is to your right of the station exit. You need to come out beyond the cars before turning right for this.

Local Features

The Path from Platform 1

This path leads south as an unmade road with a fence and bushes to each side. Continue for about 200 metres till you find a building in front of you then turn right (west). Take the turning left, you're now on Farburn Terrace, which leads south then turns left (east) under the tracks. We believe this is a total distance of about 500 metres from the platform.

Note, there are several turnings which do not have dropped kerbs. The road gradually slopes down. Beyond the third gap, the pavement narrows. You then cross the entrance to a bus garage. The road now curves gently left (east) this is a roundabout with the road leading west towards the airport, beyond the scope of this survey. Follow the road (east) under the tracks, to the junction with Victoria Street.

Turn left (north) onto Victoria Street, tactile paving indicates a crossing towards housing on the other side. You pass:

  parking lay-by
post with litter bin jutting into pavement
dropped kerb, entrance to house
tactile paving each side of entrance to housing complex
gap in pavement
3 gaps in pavement
bus stop serving buses to Old Meldrum, Banff, Turreff, and Elgin
turning towards station
parade of shops

Station Road

As you turn left (west), there's a pavement to each side. You pass a turning right, which gives access to the rear of the shops. After a short distance, you pass a pub on your left, Spider's Web.

Continue, past houses on the right and a wall on the left, then wall to each side before you reach the station car park. Continue forward onto platform 2.

Note, there's a phone box on your left before you reach the car park.

If you turn left here, you pass six bike lochers before you reach a bike shed. Note that the supports for the roof of this shed lean out across the pavement! The taxi rank is outside this shed, whilst the airport bus leaves from the bus stop beside the south end of the station.

We found four disabled persons parking bays adjacent to the platform.

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