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The Three Sections

The central bridge leads from the gates to the top of the steps down to platforms 4 to 7.

Leading south from this are 8 steps up to the south bridge, which serves platforms 1 - 3.

Leading north from the central bridge is the passage to the north bridge. Continue north to the end, turn right (east) and go down 3 steps, going east. Turn left (north) onto the north bridge wich serves platforms 7 - 9.

The North Bridge

West Side

  3 steps down from central bridge
gates, can close off this part of station
blank barrier to top of the 3 steps towards platform 9
blank wall
paper rack, in northwest corner

North End


east side

  steps down to platform 9
3 steps up
steps to platforms 7 - 8
barrier to gates, mentioned above
blank wall

South End


The Central Bridge

Going clockwise from the southwest corner

West Side

  box on wall

Wall retreats west towards the gate line.

The Recess

south side
West Side
  8 automatic gates, exits tend to be towards the south end
machine for staff use
automatic entrance gate
manual gate
North Side
East Side, in line with the main west wall
  pillar with a permit to travel machine on east side, opposite the staff machine

Continuing North Along the West Side of the Bridge

carnet validator
rail juts out before blank door
blank door
rail retreats again

North End

  District Line map, to steps onto the north bridge

East Side

  steps to north bridge
carnet validator
wooden rail turns left, then about 5 metres east to steps to platforms 4 to 7
wooden rail returns from steps

South End

  8 steps up to south bridge

The South Bridge

East Wall

  pillars and billlboards
steps down east to platforms 2 - 3
wooden rail
free standing billboard in passage
wall with pillars
steps down east to platform 1

South End


West Side

  Four recesses with blank doors,to a point opposite platforms 2 and 3
window to shop
recessed door
recessed door
top of steps down to the central bridge

South End

  steps to central bridge

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