The Bridge BETWEEN Platforms 8 and 9

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From Platform 8 to 9

Going west from the London Underground assistance office door, you pass an I-girder and a recess in the left-hand wall. There's a blank wall across the end of the platform, in front of you. The wooden (outer) rail of the bridge leads back (east) from the wall to the foot of the slope.

Go up the slope starting west. The outer wall is irregular as you go round, to your right, through nortth then east.

You could follow the right-hand (inner) rail but note that each end of this is very close to the drop onto the tracks.


When returning from platform 9, you can go between the wall (on your right) and the wooden outer rail. There's a raised drain against the wall. If you find this go left to locate the outer rail and follow it back (east) to the foot of the slope, before going west up the slope. Otherwise, you could go down three steqs to a blank door.

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