The Concourse, OUTSIDE The GATES

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Nine steps come down (east) from street level into the southwest corner of the concourse. Note, gates can shut the station at the foot of these steps.

Going Clockwise from the Foot of the Steps

West Side

  steps from street, 2 sets divided by rail
2 ticket machines
blank door

North Side

  blank door
ticket windows, tensa barriers form queuing system

East Side

  gate line between the concourse and main bridge

South Side

WH Smith
card and coin phone
ticket machine
glass front of shop, Lily Fast Food
doors to shop at foot of steps

Other Features

In the middle of the concourse are two pillars (east and west) to the north of the middle of the space. These provide corners for the Tensa barriers.

The west pillar has a ticket machine on the south side, whilst the remaining Pillar space is blank.

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