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This is a through station on the mainline from London Paddington (which runs east/west) and the western terminus for both the Central and District lines.

Station Layout

There are nine platforms which run east/west, numbered from south to north as follows

There's a single concourse, reached via a flight of steps, going down east from street level. The concourse leads, via a straight gate line, onto the main bridge which crosses the west end of the station. The bridge is divided into three sections each of which is at a different level.

There's a bridge across the end of the bay between platforms 8 and 9. whilst a passage leads from platform 8 through to platform 4.


There's stairs-only access through this station

There are step-free routes between platforms 4 to 9. The change between platforms 8 and 9 can be made via the sloped bridge at the end of the platforms.

There is no step-free access to platforms 1 - 3.

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