The PASSAGE BETWEEN Platforms 4 and 8

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Going south from Platform 7

The passage from platforms 7 and 8 has metal gates which can be closed.

West Side

  kiosk, Supersnacks
metal gate
gap to stairs, not for plublic use
disabled persons toilet
gents toilet
2 card phones
steqs up west, to the concourse and main bridge
waiting room
HSBC cash point
platform 4

About the Steps to the Concourse

There are four sets of steps, divided by rails. The northern set is for platforms 7 - 9, the middle 2 for 5 - 6 and the southern set is for platform 4.

East Side

  kiosk, Flying Coffee Bean

The wall veres left

Northeast Side

  blank entrance
Modern Food

A railing runs south, across the west end of the track for platform 6, with a plastic box then sand bin.

Continuing South, on East Side

  Chips and Dips (entrance on platform 6)
notice board with Centrlal Line map

This board is opposite the first (north) of the four sets of steps from the Concourse. Opposite the rail between the southern and next set of steps is a rail which angles south of east, separating platforms 4 and 5.

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