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From the Bridge

Go down 16 then 16 steps, going east onto the west end of the platform. A metal railing extends east from the foot of the stairs about 5 metres; this is the effective west end of the platform. There's a pillar opposite the south rail of the steps.

The First Shelter

From the foot of the steps turn right south, avoiding a pillar beside the shelter, turn right west, the entrance is on your left, note the I-girder beyond the entrance.

Features on the Platform, from the West

  side of shelter
wall with billboards
lamp post
post with display board
lamp post with speaker
shelter, entrances at both ends
wall with billboards
wall juts out
lamp post with metal sign, too low, 160 cm
railing runs along middle of platform, metal box on right
manhole cover
wall juts out at angle onto platform
lamp post with speaker
wall ends, kerb and bank with vegetation continues on south side
7 lamp posts, behind kerb;
slope off end.


We recommend you don't go beyond the second shelter on this platform as the platform narrows and can become dangerous with fast trains passing through.

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