Platforms 2 and 3, MAINLINE SERVICES

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From the South Bridge

Go down 10 steps, going east onto a landing, which has blank walls. Turn right (180 degrees) and go down 11 steps, going west onto a second landing which has blank walls. Turn right again (180 degrees) and go down 11 steps, going east onto the island platform. You're on platform3, a wooden rail runs southwards from the foot of the stairs, below the steps between the first and second landings.

You're at the west end of the platform.

A metal grid runs along the middle of the island platform, providing useful guidance.

There is no cover on these platforms except the overhanging roof from the waiting room.

Features on the Platforms, from the West, between the Steps and Waiting Room

  mirror at end of platform 3
pillar just beyond steps is end of platform 2 pillar opposite each rail of steps
pillar with train information
back-to-back benches with train information board between
pillar with train information board

There's a pillar to each side of this with display information for each platform.

the Waiting room Building

West Side

  help pointtowards the left-hand (north, platform 3) end of the wall

North Side, Going East

digital clock, on northeast corner

East Side

  door to waiting room

South Side


Easst of the Waiting Room

The following are in the middle of the island, unless stated otherwise

2 coin and card phone boxes
billboard, bench on platform 2

Remaining Features on Platform 3

flower bed
lamp post
wooden fence between platforms 2 and 3
2 benches

The shelter has entrances from each platform, towards the west end from platform 3.

  3 station signs
slope off end

Features on Platform 2, Going East from the Phone Boxes

flower bed
lamp post
wooden fence starts
flower bed


At the time of our survey, 23 July 2003, thawny roses stuck out across the platform.

Continuing East

  lamp post
shelter, entrance towards east end
lamp post
post in middle of platform with mirror
4 lamp posts
post with mirror just north of platform edge
slope off end

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