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There's a travel centre in the concourse outside the gates and a ticket sales/information desk in the gated area, in the far right-hand corner as you come in through the gates, or from the upward escalators. This is to your left as you come up the stairs or via the lifts.

The Travel Centre

The travel centre is beyond the right-hand end of the gate line as you come into the concourse through either entrance. It may be easier to move to the right hand wall then turn left and continue into the travel centre.


You go in through the left-hand set of doors, facing west. There's a straight queuing system towards the desks at the far (west) end. There are four desks, of which the left-hand one has a variable height counter.

North Side

  information stand
maps and timetables
departure screen above

East Side, Going South

  exit doors
entrance doors

Southeast Side

  glass wall

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