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The former bridge has been replaced by a significant concourse which bridges the tracks. Additional entrance/exit doors are across the northeast corner, northwest of the former doors which are still in place. A travel centre occupies the northwest corner of this space, with the entrance/exit doors in the east side.

This station is gated, the gate line runs approximately north/south across the concourse.

The area outside the gates is an irregular shape including the former entrance to the station. The area inside the gates is rectangular.

There's an additional ticket sales and information desk inside the gated section, adjacent to the travel centre.

The steps to the platforms are on the west side, with the associated lifts immediately east of these, the doors face into the concourse, that is on the east side of each lift. Single escalators are on the east side of the concourse, at the time of our survey, those from platforms 0 - 1 and 2 - 3 were upwards, whilst the one to platform 4, was downwards.

Outside the Gates

Northwest Side

  glass wall

West Side, Going North

  entrance to travel centre
exit from travel centre

North Side, Going East

wall retreats towards new entrance/exit doors

Northeast Side

  four sets of automatic doors
pillar in middle of this area

East Side, Going South

  fire escape, leading east
wall retreats with glass partition on left (north)

North Side, Going East

  continuing partition
4 ticket machines
wall retreats northeast into old building

Northwest Side, Going Northeast

  accessible toilet
pay phone

Northeast Side

  exits to Haymarket, 4 sets of automatic doors
blank door

Southeast Side

  blank wall leading back into new concourse, south side

There's a large pillar separating the two halves of the route between the new concourse and old entrance.

South Side, Going West

  AMT Coffee
customer information desk
2 sets of seats
3 ticket machines
glass partition beside escalator from platforms 0 - 1
gate line

Inside the Gates

West Side, Going North

  steps to platform 4, lift, to right
glass wall
steps to platforms 2 - 3, lift, to right
glass wall
cash machine
glass wall
steps to platforms 0 - 1, lift, to right
glass wall
ticket sales/information desk in corner

North Side, Going East

  ticket desk, curves north, with queuing system
blank door
wall retreats north
accessible toilet and baby change
glass partition leads northeast to gate line

The gate line runs north/south across the concourse.

East Side, Going South

  2 wide aisle gates
10 ordinary automatic gates
glass partition
escalator from platforms 0 - 1
glass partition
escalator from platforms 2 - 3
glass partition
escalator to platform 4

South Side

  wall with seats
electronic billboard
lift to platform 4, call button left of door

There's a row of four pillars (north/south) down the middle of the concourse with a bin inline with the lift and escalator for platforms 2 - 3.

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