Platforms 2 - 3

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This is an island platform with platform 2, serving the Fife Circle and trains to Aberdeen and Inverness via Kirkcaldy, lying north of platform 3, serving trains to Edinburgh Waverley and stations to North Berwick.

There's tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

To Reach

There is stairs, lift and upward escalator access to this platform.

Via the Lift

The lift is about in the middle of the right-hand (west) side of the concourse as you face away from the ticket sales/information desk. The call button is to your left of the door, you go in facing west. At platform level, leave via the other door.

Via the Escalator

The bottom of the escalator is on the east half of the platform. As you reach the concourse, you're about in the middle of the east side of the area beyond (south of) the gate line.

Via the Steps

The steps are about in the middle of the far side of the concourse as you face away from the gate line, behind the lift. You go down 11, 11 then 12 steps, going west, to the platform. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps.

From the East

All features are in the middle of the platform unless stated otherwise.

  slope off end
island platform about 6 metres wide, widening from here
raised concrete area, not for public access
lamp post
post, Haymarket sign
canopy starts
back-to-back seats
waiting room, blank door at east end, entrance from west, button left of door
back-to-back seats
escalator, up west
glass panel with two pillars beside
rail round rear of escalator
back-to-back seats
lift, building with blank doors in east and north (platform 2) sides, entrance on west, button right of door
back-to-back seats
blank wall beside steps, platform 3, blank door in wall on platform 2
steps, up east to concourse
platform begins to narrow
departure screen above
pillar, platform 3
pillar with help point, platform 2
back-to-back seats
5 pillars last two close together
end of canopy
lamp post
lamp post
platform now about 3 metres wide
sign indicating effective end of platform
slope off end

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