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There are ladies, gents and accessible toilets on platforms 1 and 4. There are also two accessible toilets off the concourse.

On Platform 1

The toilets are near the east end of platform 1, you can turn away from the track (north) and go up two steps, or go (east) up the short ramp and turn left at the top. There's a metal partition across a car park entrance, which we believe is for staff only, starting to your left (west) of the ramp.

You go through a push door and turn left (west).

You go along a passage, past the gents and accessible toilet with baby change, before turning right (north), go up two steps, the door to the ladies toilets is on your right, followed by two blank doors.

On Platform 4

The toilets are reached via the waiting room, on platform 4. The passage to toilets leads left from the far left-hand corner of the waiting room. As you go into the passage, you pass a blank door, the accessible toilet and baby change, then the gents toilets. The ladies toilets are at the far end of the passage.

In the Concourse

Outside the Gates

There's an accessible toilet to your right as you come into the station through the original entrance, this is just beyond the pay phone on the right-hand wall.

Inside the Gates

There's an accessible toilet and baby change on your right as you go through the gates, towards the platforms. This is just before the right-hand wall juts out towards the ticket sales/information desk.

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