Waiting Rooms

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There's a waiting room on platforms 2 - 3 and 4.

On Platforms 2 - 3

The waiting room is beyond (easst of) the foot of the escalator, the push button is to your left (north) of the door, you go in facing east. Note that, when leaving, the push button is to your right of the door.

This waiting room has seating on the left and right-hand sides. There's a departure screen at the far end. Note, there's a pillar in the middle of this space.

On platform 4

The waiting room is about in the middle of the platform, before (east of) the café.


You leave the platform via automatic doors, going south.

East Side, Going South

passage to toilets

South Side


West Side

  automatic doors into café, departures screen above

North Side, Going East

automatic doors onto platform

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