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The station is on the south side of a forecourt off Cultins Road which terminates in a turning circle just east of the station.

The tram line runs along the south side of the station, between the station and Hermiston Gait (east/west). There's a pavement to each side of the tram lines, see Local Features, below.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits to this station, each offers step-free access to the adjacent platform:

This station is now gated, though We understand that the gates will be open at times when the station is unstaffed.

The Main Entrance

From the forecourt, you go up a slight slope, going south, there are two bollards (east/west) at the entrance. Beyond these, you go into a rectangular space with:

East Side, Going South

  automatic doors to the bridge
ticket machine
blank door

South Side, Going West

  emergency door
6 automatic gates
wide aisle gate

West Side, Going North

  staff point
2 billboards

North Side

  2 bollards

From the Tram Stop

The station entrance is just west of the tram stop, that is behind the rear of the eastbound, or beyond the front of westbound trams. See the Local Features section below for details of the tram stop.

The pavement between the station and tram stop provides level access to the station entrance. Alternatively, from the tram stop, you can go down the slope then either turn right, up two steps, going north, and continue into the station, or follow the ramp (west) then turn right (180 degrees, east) before turning left into the station.

The gate line is in front of you, the automatic doors to the lift and stairs to the bridge are to your right. There's a help point at the left-hand (west) end of the gate line, as you go into the station and another at the right-hand (west) end of the gate line as you leave the platform. These help points allow you to get assistance from staff if you need someone to open the gates.

Outside the Gates

West Side, Going North
help point, in corner
Gate Line, Going East
  wide aisle gate
3 automatic gates
East Side
  automatic doors towards lift and stairs, rail each side

Inside the Gates

South Side
  gate line
West Side, Going North
  help point, in corner
North Side
  2 sets of double doors onto platform
East Side
  wall with blank door

Local Road Crossings

We found no road crossings outside the main entrance, though this appeared to be a very quiet road, only serving the station, at the time of our survey.

Hermiston Gait

There's a pedestrian controlled crossing beyond each end of the tram stop. These are co-ordinated, having tactile paving at each side of the road and a common sounder. There's a post, with push button and rotating cone to each side of each crossing as you cross in either direction.

Local Buses

On the Forecourt, just West of the Main Entrance

Bus Stop 200464, serving:

West of the Turning Circle, East of the Main Entrance

Bus Stop Edinburgh Park Station no. 200463, serving:

On the North Side of Hermiston Gait

The bus stop, with shelter but no number is a few metres east of the station entrance, serving buses 2, 20 and 64.

On the South Side of Hermiston Gait

Bus Stop 36245978, serves:

Local Features

The Forcourt

South Side, Outside the Building, Going West from the Entrance

  station entrance
local map
rear of mural
bike racks

South Side of Entrance Road, Going West

There's a row of bollards along the pavement outside the station.

  turning circle
bus stop Edinburgh Park Station no. 200463
disabled persons and staff parking lay-by
large pillar, in middle of pavement
taxi rank
Bus Stop 200464

Along the South Side of the Station

There's a pavement between the station building and the eastbound platform of the tram stop.

The ramp down towards the tram stop is a few metres west of the station entrance, you go down (east) then follow the pavement up, onto the platform. There are two steps down (south) with tactile paving at the top and bottom, outside the station entrance.

As you follow the pavement (east) you go down the slope towards the subway, five steps up right (south, with tactile paving at top and bottom) lead to the east end of the tram stop. You can continue (east) then left (north) under the subway.

The Subway

You continue (east) down a slope, turn left (north), continue under the tracks.

The path continues east along the south side of the tracks, beyond the scope of this survey.

Having gone under the tracks, you can turn left (west) up steps, or continue north beyond the scope of this survey.

Going west, you go up a slope then up nine then nine steps going west, these steps are divided by a central rail.

Continue west, past the turning circle on the right, towards the station. The path turns right (north) then left again (west) before you reach the bus stop east of the station.

Note, this subway contained a large puddle at the time of our survey and we suggest if you wish to cross the tracks, you do so via the bridge in the station.

The Tram Stop

This lies beyond (south of) the pavement adjacent to the station building. As you leave the station, you can continue (south) down two steps, going south, then turn left, up the slope, onto the eastbound platform. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps. If you continue (south) you find another set of tactile paving indicating the place to cross the tram tracks. Note there is no pedestrian control of this feature. Continue, across the two sets of tracks across further tactile paving. There's a low wall in front of you, between the tram stop and the pavement of Hermiston Gait. You can turn right then left beyond this wall, for the crossing or turn left (east) up the slope onto the westbound platform.

If you need ramp access to the tram stop, turn right (west) at the tactile paving outside the station entrance then take the turning left (180 degrees) and go down the slope. From here you can continue, up the slope onto the eastbound platform, or turn right, at tactile paving, across the tracks then turn left and go up the slope onto the westbound platform.

The Eastbound Platform

This serves trams towards York Place.

From the West
  slope up
shelter, tactile paving indicates access point for tram
ticket machine
ticket validator
slope down
tactile paving indicating steps down to left

The Westbound Platform

This platform, between the tracks and Hermiston Gait, serves trams towards Edinburgh Airport.

From the West
  tactile paving of crossing (north) wall between tram and pavement (south)
slope up
pavement level with platform
card validator
lamp post
bus stop
help point, left-hand button for information, right-hand for emergency (Braille labelled)
ticket machine
departures board
slope down
wall between path off platform and pavement
turn right beyond end of wall for crossing

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