Platform 1, EASTBOUND

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This is a separate platform along the north side of the station serving eastbound trains towards Edinburgh. There is tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

The main waiting room and gated exit are about in the middle of the platform, just west of the bridge.

To Reach

There's level access from the forecourt plus lift and stairs access from Hermiston Gait and platform 2 via the bridge.

There's a wide aisle gate at the right-hand end of the gate line. When the gates are closed, staff are available beyond the right-hand end of the gate line.

Go through the gates into the waiting area and continue through the automatic doors, which were open at the time of our survey, onto the platform, about in the middle.

From the West

  gate at end, slope off end
metal fence on left
lamp post, Edinburgh Park
lamp post
lamp post, Platform 1
post, departure screen
lamp post, CCTV
fence retreats
shelter with three entrances from platform, seating on north side
covered "smoking area", withseat
fence juts back, bike storage outside
lamp post, CCTV
waiting area starts
door leading north into waiting area
windows with assistance ramp
second door leading north into waiting area
seat, window above
waiting area ends
emergency exit
help point, under low awning, outside lift building
metal fence resumes
vehicle drop-off space outside
lamp post, 2 car stop
covered "smoking area" with seat
shelter with 3 entrances, seat on north side
posts now about 60 cm from the fence
post, departure screen
lamp post, CCTV
lamp post, Platform 1, 3 car stop
lamp post, CCTV, 4 car stop
lamp post, 6 car stop
gate at end, slope off

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