Waiting Rooms

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There are shelters on each platform. Each platform has two shelters with three open entrances/exits from the platform and seating along the far side.

In addition, there's a larger, covered waiting area at the main entrance. This has several banks of seats and two doors leading to platform 1. There's also a coverred area, with no seating, at the entrance to platform 2.

At the Main Entrance

As you come in from the fourcourt, the doors to the lift and steps, followed by a ticket machine are to your left, whilst the gate line is in front of you. The wide aisle gate and a staff point are at the right-hand end of the gate line. Go through the gates into the waiting area, the seating is to your right and there's a door to the platform in front of you.

South Side, Going West

  first door to/from platform 1
departure screen
second door to/from platform 1

There are three sets of back-to-back seats running north/south towards the south side of this space. There's a row of pillars east/west between these seats and the north wall.

West side, Going North

blank wall

North Side, Going East

wall juts out
wall retreats
wall juts out
glass covered mural
wall retreats
gate line

East Side

  blank wall

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