This page is provided for those wishing to attend Sight Village Edinburgh 2010.

We are sorry that, as we didn't receive necessary information in time, we were unable to provide our normal comprehensive guide to the exhibition. We hope to provide this facility next year.

This page describes what I believe is the easiest walking route from Waverley Station to the Assembly Rooms in George Street. The exhibition is to be held in the Music Room. Details of the Assembly Rooms building are beyond the scope of this section.


The Assembly Rooms building is on the south side of George Street, between Hannover and Frederick streets. There’s a large entrance with four pillars supporting a canopy, leading to three sets of step-free entrance/exit doors. The Assembly Rooms were closed at the time of our survey and we’re unlikely to visit them again before the exhibition.

Summary of Route

You leave the station via the Waverley Bridge, or the Waverley Steps onto Princes Street. Cross Princes Street beside the Waverley bridge then turn left and continue to Frederick Street. This brings you onto George Street nearer the Assembly Rooms than does Hannover Street. You pass a bus stop, which serves a wide range of local routes, before you turn right into George Street and another bus stop in George Street, before you cross a small access road immediately before the Assembly rooms building. the entrance is on your right after a few metres.

Detailed Route

See the Environs page for details of the entrances and exits to the station. If you're on the Waverley Bridge, turn right and continue to the corner of Princes Street. If you're on Princes Street, turn left and continue to the Waverley Bridge.

Cross Princes Street here, this is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving. The post with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross in either direction.

Turn left and continue to South St Davids Street. This is a traffic light crossing with no pedestrian control.

Continue to Hannover Street. This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving. There's a post with push button and rotating cone to each side as you cross in either direction. Note, however, that when crossing back towards the station, the right-hand post is about a metre in from the kerb, whilst the left-hand post is about a metre to your left of the tactile paving.

Continue to Frederick Street and turn right. You Cross Rose Street (this is pedestrianised), before you pass a bus stop on your left, which serves:

Continue to George Street and turn right.

After a short distance, you pass a bus stop to your left which serves:

There is no shelter at this bus stop.

Continue, across an access road, the entrance to the Assembly Rooms is on your right, after a few metres.

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