The Bridge


This bridge extends from the foot of the Waverley Steps in the north, to the Market Street entrance in the south. There is stairs and lift access between the bridge and all platforms, plus the long stay car park. There is also escalator access to the concourse and from there to platforms 2,3, 4, 7 and 12 - 19.

Note that there is stairs-only access from each entrance onto the bridge, however there is step-free access to the station via either of the access roads from the Waverley Bridge.


From the foot of the Waverley Steps, you continue south past the walkway leading east to the main bridge, then the steps and escalators to the concourse. This is the end of this section.

Taking the turning left (east), you're facing the lift then steps down to platforms 1 and 20. Take the turning right (south) for other platforms and the car park.

East Side, Going South

West Side, Going South

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