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Although there are ticket machines in the concourse, we believe these are inaccessible to blind/vision impaired people.

The main ticket sales area is the Travel Centre which is inside the main building, on the right-hand side as you go in from the concourse.

There is also a ticket/assistance office within the gated area of the station for those who need to buy a ticket having got off the train. This is to your right as you approach the gate line.

The Travel Centre

See the Detailed Description of the Travel Centre for more details.

We believe the first door on your right is the entrance to the main travel centre, a Tensa barrier runs to your left. We believe you should follow this to the end then turn back, the sales windows are then on your left.

The furthest (fourth) door is for the East Coast travel centre, for which there is also a door at the far end of the main travel centre.

As you go in from the food hall, the sales/information desks are in front of you.

At the time of our survey, there seemed to be no preference for advance or same day bookings.

The ScotRail Ticket Office

See the Detailed Description of the Other Buildings for more details.

This is in the building to your right as you approach the gate line. The entrance is the next to last door on your right. As you go in, the ticket sales windows are to your right, with an infromation desk beyond these. Turn left to leave this office then right towards the gate line.

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