This is a large area bounded by the taxi access road to the south and platforms 2 and 19 on the north. The gate line for platforms 12 18 is on the west side, whilst the main building is on the east.

There is also level access to the following platforms:

Platforms 1, 8, 9, 10 and 20, plus the Waverley Steps and Market Street exits are reached via the bridge, to which there is stairs, escalator and lift access.

To Reach

Via Stairs

You can either use the stairs near the north end of the bridge, carry on from the foot of the Waverley Steps then take the second turning left, or take the first turning left, then turn right, continue for a few metres to pass the steps to platform 1 then take the next turning left.

Via the Steps Nearer the Waverley Steps>

From the bridge you go down 3 x 8 then five steps, going east into the concourse. You're facing along the walkway between the main building and the North Mall.

There's tactile paving at the top, but not at the bottom of these steps, which are divided by a central rail. There's also a hand rail to each side.

Via the Second Set of Steps

From the bridge, you go down 12 then 12 steps, going east to the concourse. You're between the main building to your left and the taxi access road to your right. The vehicle drop-off point is a few metres in front of you. There is tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps which are divided by a central rail. There's also a hand rail to each side.

Via Escalator

From the bridge the left-hand escalator is normally the one you need. Go down to concourse level, you're facing east, along the walkway between the main building and the North Mall.

Via the Lift

You leave the lift, facing east along platform 11, the taxi access road is to your left, with the southwest corner of the main building beyond that. See the lifts page for details.


North side, Going East

  foot of steps from bridge, down east
gap to platform 19
North Mall, walkway leading east between here and main building

East Side, Going South

  North Mall
walkway to accessible parking and platform 2
main building
rear of steps from bridge

West Side, Going South from Platform 19

  Steps to bridge
down escalator fvrom bridge
up escalator to bridge
vehicle turning circle for BTP etc.
wall of building
wall retreats

North Side, Going West

  Upper Crust, counter in front of you
Boots, seats for Upper Crust outside, go in facing north, counter on right

Continuing South

  metal fence, opposite platform 17
2 Wide Aisle entrances
staff area
3 auto entrances
4 auto exits
information board
Wide Aisle exit
3 auto entrances
3 auto exits
2 Wide Aisle entrances

South Side, Going East

  recess with reserved charge phone
WH Smith, 2 x 4 seats outside windows
wall retreats to taxi access road

In the middle of the Concourse, Going South

  2 x 4 back-to-back seats, facing north/south
pillars and display boards
four ticket machines west of 2 x 4 back-to-back seats, facing north/south

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