East CoastFirst Class Lounge


This section of the station is on two levels. The East Coast Customer Reception is at ground floor level, whilst the first Class Lounge is on the first floor. There is stairs and lift access between these levels.


The door to East Coast Customer Reception is the last door on your left as you go along the right-hand side of the main building, away from the concourse. You go into the reception area via a push door facing north, there are seats throughout this space and the reception desk is to your right (about 1 o'clock).

turn left (west) into an area with:

Left-Hand (South) Side

  fire exit

Far (West) Side

  door to lift, call button to right of door

Right-Hand (North) Side

  steps to lounge

The Steps

You go up 11 steps, going north, turn left (180 degrees) then go up 11 steps, going south. Turn left again (180 degrees) and go up 11 steps, going north to Level 1.


You continue (north) along a broad passage then turn right (east) across the top of the steps, before going through a push door on your left (north) at the end of the passage, into the lounge.

The Passage outside the Lounge

Left-Hand (West) End

  fire exit

Far (North) Side, Going East)

  blank wall
push door into lounge

Right-Hand (East) End


Near (South) Side, Going East

  passage from lift
blank wall
steps down south to Reception

The Lounge

As you go in, there's a desk in front of you (north), which wasn't staffed at the time of our survey. turn right (east) before this into the lounge, the passage to toilets is to your left (north).

The Area Beside the Desk

Near (South) Side, Going West
  push button, about 1.5 metres high
entrance door
Left-Hand (West) Side, Going North
  fire exit
blank wall
East Side, Going North
  passage into lounge
plank door
Far (North) End
  blank door

The Passage to Toilets

Left-Hand (west) Side, Going North
  coat hanging space
blank wall
Far (North) End
  accessible toilet and baby change
Right-Hand (East) Side, Going North
  blank door
unisex toilet

The Lounge

Continue (east) beyond the passage to toilets. There are papers on the left-hand (north) wall, before you go into a rectangular space with:

Near (West) Side, Going North
  fireplace, not in use
blank wall
Left-hand (North) Side
  tea, coffee, juice etc.
Far (East) Side
  large TV
Right-Hand (South) Side

There are chairs and tables throughout the middle of this space, around a central pillar.

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